Now Booking Charters for Amberjack Season

We are excited about the 2018 reopening of the Amberjack season! As of August 1st, we are chartering out to the magnificent depths of the sparkling emerald waters of the Gulf of Mexico to catch the Greater Amberjack. We will be in search of the brownish or goldish fish that have no scutes forward of the tail fin and a dark oblique line through the eye that ends at the dorsal fin. These fish are quite the challenge for even the most avid angler.

The Amberjack Are Biting

The young school of Amberjack is an average size of 5-20 pounds. But the fish get bigger over deep water wreckage, possibly 30-60 pounds. Furthermore, it's not completely rare to find 100 pounders in the Gulf of Mexico. The Florida record is 142 pounds!

This fish is a solid and rebellious fighter! Therefore, You will need all of your strength and stamina to reel in this fish. Most importantly, it likes to plow down into the depths of the deep waters. Therefore, it defies the ability of just lifting it out of the water as well as experiencing the long runs that may occur.

But our experienced crew is right by your side to offer assistance at any time. Book now for the opportunity of a lifetime to fish for the ever-astounding Amberjack!

The Thrill of the Catch

The best way to experience this Amberjack season is aboard our Charter boat, where we have the heavy rods and reels with lines testing 50 pounds or more!

This trip will be a checkmark on your bucket list, from the avid fisherman to the novice anglers. Besides, Imagine telling the "tale" of the big catch you reeled in this summer; only your "tale" can be accurate if you snag an Amberjack this season! Contact Us today to book your next fishing charter.

The Amberjack Are Biting
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