Now Booking Amberjack Fishing Charters

It is nearing Summertime in Destin, Florida, and our Fishing Charters are filling up fast, so book yours early to ensure a spot on the best fishing charter on the Emerald Coast with Captain Kyle. Special K Fishing Charters had a busy Spring with some great catches and are looking forward to many more good times out to sea with you. We are now booking Amberjack Fishing Charters for May.

Amberjack Fishing Season Now Open

It is an excellent time to fish in the Gulf of Mexico. Amberjack Fishing Season opened May 1st and will end on May 31st and then will open again in the Fall.

They are a massive catch if you are unfamiliar with the Greater Amberjack. But, of course, we are talking trophy size fish here.

Below are some great catches aboard Special K on previous charters. We told you it is a big fish!

The Gulf of Mexico ecosystem is home to many different fish species that vary in size. The Greater Amberjack is one of the most sought-after fish in the Gulf Of Mexico for many experienced anglers and new fishers.

The Greater Amberjack is the largest of all the Amberjack Species. It can grow up to six feet and weigh over two hundred pounds.

This fish will put up a fight. However, this fishing charter will leave you with a great fishing story to tell with the pictures to prove it.

Book Your Amberjack Fishing Charters

When you book with Special K, you will get a good catch. Captain Kyle is an expert captain and knows where all the fish are biting. So if you are looking for a fun time for all ages on our offshore fishing charter, this is the perfect charter boat.

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