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Our Deep Sea Fishing Charter

When you live in or vacation in Destin Florida, fish is a must-have for food and a deep sea fishing charter is the must do activity for you and your loved ones. We all fishing but there is a lot of reward for cooking your catch. Destin Florida is known as the "Worlds Luckiest Fishing Village" for a reason. Some of the best fish you will ever taste come out of the salty Destin waters.

Our deep sea fishing charter, Special K, is the best in Northwest Florida. With an experienced captain who knows where to find the biggest and best catch, you will be certain to have a plentiful deep sea fishing experience. Whether you are looking for the prized catch or loads of smaller fish, you are sure to get a bite on our fishing charter. We want you to be ready for a once in a lifetime fishing adventure when you come aboard your fishing charter on the Special K.

When it comes to deep sea fishing, the greater depth of the water means the larger fish. We all love to tell our fishing adventure stories about our "Big Catch" but with pictures to prove it, you won't have to stretch this one. We offer all day trips that will give you the best opportunities to catch a big one. If you are planning an all-day charter, remember to bring plenty to eat and drink. Our fishing charter is perfect for families or bachelor parties. Whether you want your children to experience a deep sea fishing adventure or you need a getaway with the guys, we are ready to serve you!

What Is The Catch?

The Gulf of Mexico is home to thousands of fish species. In Northwest Florida, we host a large number of Redfish, Red Snapper, Grouper, Mingo, and Amberjack among other sought-after fish. Destin has plentiful catches no matter what the season. In the Fall, Cobia and King Mackerel are the best catches but in the summer months, the Barracuda is a prize-winning catch. The summer months are also a good time to catch some Tarpon.

King Mackerel

In the summer and Fall months, King Mackerel are aplenty! King Mackerel is another fighter so they make for fun fishing. Of all three Mackerel species in our area, the Kingfish is the largest. The state record for the King Mackerel is 90 pounds.  Although these fish love areas around piers, it is possible to catch them onboard our fishing charter.


Amberjacks are also known to anglers as "Reef Donkeys".  The Amberjacks like artificial reefs or wrecks in waters over 60 feet. These fish can get really big. the state record for this fish is a whopping 142 pounds. Now that is quite the catch! Amberjacks get the name Reef Donkeys because of the struggle they put in when you have one hooked.


Barracuda is a very sought after fish in the Gulf Of Mexico by anglers. The state record for the Barracuda is 67 pounds. Barracuda are some of the more merciless predators of the Gulf of Mexico. They have very sharp teeth. We had the pleasure of being part of some winners at the Destin Fishing Rodeo.


The Grouper is another plentiful fish in the Destin area and can be found in most local restaurants because they make a delicious meal. If you have ever tasted a grouper sandwich, you know what we are talking about. One Grouper caught in Florida weighed 552 pounds. These fish can be very large so be ready to put up a fight when you catch one. The most experienced anglers love a challenge.

Deep Sea Fishing Charter Information

The Special K Charter Boat is a 38 foot Bertram Wide-body Classic Sportfisher powered by Twin Cummins Turbo Diesels that has been customized with underwater fins. Our fishing charter offers a relaxing fishing experience with plenty to catch. With state of the art electronics, our charter boat amenities include Sirius Satellite Radio, an air-conditioned salon with a microwave and a bathroom. For overnight fishing trips, our boat has powerful underwater lights for a unique fishing experience.

Charter Boast Special K is conveniently docked at the Harborwalk Marina. The Harborwalk Village offers plenty of places to dine and things to do for the entire family. There are always events in Destin Florida that can add to your vacationing experience. Our fishing charter is open year round. If you are planning a Spring Break or Summer Vacation, please book early to ensure your spot during our busiest time of year.

Captain Kyle and the crew of Special K offer you the fishing experience of a lifetime here in Paradise. Please feel free to read more About Special K Fishing Charters or Contact Us today to book a fishing charter.  For the latest news in Florida Fishing and state regulations, visit the  Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

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